Hommes Trail Glove 2

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• Tige en tissu et matériel synthétique
• Système de laçage Omni-fitMD avec serrage précis et sécuritaire
• Doublure en tissu maillé respirant
• M-Select FRESH garde les pieds secs et élimine les odeurs
• Matériel réfléchissant pour augmenter la visibilité
• Laver à l’eau froide, cycle délicat et sécher à l’air

• Pente talon/avant 0 mm/coussinage 4 mm/épaisseur hors-tout 9,5 mm
• Coussin de protection pour les sentiers
• Semelle non marquante
• Semelle Vibram®
• Chaussure Vegan

3 commentaires
Classement moyen :: 4,0
  • Client satisfait
  • Par Anonyme
  • 2014-07-21
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Le seul hic, est le fait que mes souliers ont coûté plus que si je les avais pris en magasin et ce sans les frais de transport. Mais sinon je suis très satisfait du produit comme à l'habitude. Merci

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La marche de tous les jours

  • I love these shoes!
  • Par ChipperFeet
  • 2014-02-03
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I'm no runner - yet. I started wearing these shoes after years of trying to fight arch / lower back pain with the typical massage / taping techniques / arch support shoes etc. After doing a great deal of research on information graciously donated by the running community I decided to try something completely different and see what this barefoot business is all about. I found these shoes at my local MEC and I've been in love ever since. The feeling that the bottoms of my feet were ripping open with every step stopped within hours of wearing these shoes. Within one week all of my arch / back pain had vanished. 6 months later and it's still gone. I'm starting to think that maybe - just maybe - all those barefoot runners out there actually know exactly what they're talking about when they recommend this style of shoe. Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to say that I'm one of them. There is a downside to these shoes - if you can call it that. Once you start wearing 0 drop shoes there is NO going back! If I put on anything with even the slightest heel I feel my back pain returning within 30 minutes of wear. Thankfully Merrell offers several selections for casual barefoot shoes which has me covered at work / on the town however the options for mens foot wear that can stand up to a Canadian winter (if they even exist) seem to be eluding me. Dear Merrell - I'm hooked! Please expand your barefoot / 0 drop selection to winter shoes / boots.

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I bought these to try out barefoot shoes. I hope to be using them for running in the near future.

  • Nice fitting shoe but not very rugged
  • Par Berndawg
  • 2014-09-08
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I bought a pair of Trail Glove 2s at MEC to run the Grand Canyon and have been putting on some big miles. I live on the North Shore of Vancouver and the terrain is rough and technical. I have had these shoes for two months and they have two holes in the side of the shoe from wear. The soles on the outside of the foot are showing big signs of wear and the hole in the shoe is just above it. Merrell needs to put reinforcement on the shoe top in this area. I have sent an email to Merrell to see what they have to say and am hopeful they will help me out by replacing them. My comment here is to warn others that this is a beautiful shoe to wear but it really needs some work to make it be able to withstand trail running, at least where we live. I called Merrell prior to purchasing them and this was the shoe they recommended for what I wanted to do.

Merrell's Reply:

Hi, Thank you for your review. we will have one of our rep contact you shortly. Thank you!

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Trail Running, Road Running

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