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Cette ballerine minimaliste et charmante amène des comportements biomécaniques comparables au pied nu avec les bénéfices associés soit: la stimulation des sens, le renforcement des muscles et l’amélioration de l’équilibre. La semelle Vibram fournit l’adhérence.

• Construction Strobel minimaliste, flexible et confortable
• Tige de cuir pleine fleur et mailles
• Doublure de mailles avec antimicrobien AegisMD
• Assise plantaire intégrée, recouverte de cuir Pigskin et incorporant l’antimicrobien AegisMD

• Intercalaire en mousse EVA comprimée de 4 mm
• Différentiel talon/avant de 0 mm pour être près du sol
• Semelle Serene Glove de Vibram®/Caoutchouc TC1

Pointures pour femme: 5-10,11

5 commentaires
Classement moyen :: 4,6
  • Par MelH
  • 2013-05-13
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I bought a pair of these when I was looking for a more comfortable pair of flats as NOTHING was comfortable since I have wider feet. Every pair of shoes I tried on really hurt my pinky toes as they're squishing them. I finally tried on this pair of barefoot and I fell in love with it! Since then I have walked all over San Francisco with it, hiked Grouse Mountain (mother nature's stair master in Vancouver, BC) with it, walked Las Vegas, and just daily walking everyday at hilly Calgary, AB. It is so comfortable that I am starting to think of buying a second pair 1 year after purchasing my first pair. I can walk all day in these shoes and my foot won't ache! My only wish is that there are more colours available for the Canada market and be available as more Canadian shoe stores and departments.

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Sized comme prévu

  • 6 weeks in Southeast Asia
  • Par acvwilp
  • 2013-01-18
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I love these shoes as travel shoes! I bought them in black and wore them almost every day while travelling in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. They are dressy enough to wear with a dress for drinks at the Sky Bar in Bangkok but rugged enough to hike up a mountain! I'm sure lots of other hikers probably looked at my shoes as we climbed over boulders and steep rocks and thought I was crazy trying to navigate this challenging trail in Cambodia with only street shoes on! And, to be honest, I wasn't sure my Wonder Gloves were going to be up for the task when I saw the first big boulders in our path! But, by the halfway point, I was not only going strong without any foot fatigue but I had also nicknamed my shoes "Gecko Feet" because the Vibram soles were amazingly "grippy" on rock angles that other shoes would have slid and slipped. Admittedly, my gecko feet did less well in the rain on some of the slippery sidewalk tiles in Southeast Asian cities but at least they dried quickly! Overall, their lightweight versatility made it possible for me to travel with fewer pairs of shoes without compromising on style, performance or comfort! And other than being bit dirty from Cambodian red dust, six weeks of hard travel doesn't really show any wear and tear. These will certainly be my go-to travel shoes from now on. My only complaint is that it is hard to find large sizes (and especially large half-sizes) in Toronto and I ended up having to settle for a pair in size 10 that were a bit too small - a 10.5 would have been perfect.

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Travel Shoes

  • Awesome!
  • Par StyleAndComfort
  • 2012-04-14
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These are exactly what I've been looking for. They have the minimalist sole that my feet crave for comfort, yet they don't look like runners or trail shoes, but more like a casual ballet flat. They do seem to be a tad on the small side, but I think my regular size 10 should be OK. Merrell, please make more like this, and dressier options with a barefoot sole!

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walking, commuting

  • Love them!!
  • Par Natalie
  • 2012-04-07
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These are wonderfully comftorable! Very true to size, fit great. No chafing like cheap knock offs. I get loads of compliments every time I wear them. Love the Merrill barefoots!!

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Sized comme prévu

  • Not a fan
  • Par hschwering
  • 2013-08-20
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Super comfortable but what's with the strap, last season had the best flat exactly the same as these but without the hastily added (imo) strap, now the only option for a simple black (or one colour) flat is this or those tweed creations that are really not versatile and look like they belong on a winter shoe not a ballet flat. I'm disappointed and scouring stores for last years awesome ballet flat. Bring back the classic! You don't need to have 5 shoes to suit a narrow focus each when you can have a versatile everyday ballet flat.

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