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Le traitement antibactérien Aegis intégré à la doublure de GORE-TEX® XCR® augmente le niveau de protection de ce modèle hyper-ventilé qui a déjà fait ses preuves.

- Construction étanche GORE-TEX® XCR®
- Tige de cuir imperméable Dura/Mailles ventilées
- Doublure en tissu GORE-TEX® XCR®
- Butoir d’orteils en caoutchouc/Contrefort au talon (noir)
- Butoir d’orteils en cuir synthétique/Contrefort au talon (autre que noir)
- Soufflet de mailles ventilées
- Sangle étroite 7,5 mm

- Assise plantaire anatomique de 4,5 mm
- Cambrion de voûte plantaire de nylon 6,6 moulé par injection, Niveau 1
- Montant en mousse EVA comprimée
- Intercalaire Air Cushion®
- Crampons de 5 mm de profondeur
- Vibram® Multi-Sport™ Sole/TC5+Rubber

Pointures pour femme: 5-11

17 commentaires
Classement moyen :: 3,7
  • A comfortable all around shoe.
  • Par ballistic
  • 2010-10-12
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I recently made the purchase of the Moab Gor-tex XCR. I decided on the cool Beluga colour. They were on sale, and felt better on my feet than the other Merrel shoes. I think these look great in shorts or jeans. I used them this past Saturday in a heavy downfall. My jeans were soaked through, but the shoes stayed dry. They feel cool on the inside after you take them off, but had no signs of water entry thanks to the gor-tex inner liner. On Sunday, Thanksgiving weekend, I wore these in the Greater Vancouver area for a hike on a beautiful, sunny and warm day after the heavy rainfall. I decided to wear hiking shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I had my friends and family comment on how stylish these looked. That's the bonus on top of how comfortable these multi-sport shoes are! On my short 5km hike, I found the tread extremely grippy with secure footing each step in the wetter stuff, and also in the drier loose stuff. My foot stayed secure with the six shoelace loops. I had no pressure points what so ever. They feel extremely light, and make light hiking a joy and a breeze. Needless to say, the sunny weather combined with these cadillacs on my feet, made me a happy camper, so to speak :o) I would recommend these shoes for walking, trails, hiking, light jogging, and for the gym even! Only harcore road runners may want to stick to a running only type shoe. So far, these are the best all around shoe I have ever purchased and worn! Thanks Merrell.

Merrell's Reply:

Thank you for your wonderful comment. We are happy to make your feet happy and in stylish manner!

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Everyday use, walking, trails, light hikes.

  • Interior wear issue
  • Par BDA
  • 2012-02-26
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I purchased a pair August 2010. Shoes are extremely comfortable and have great support. Shoes have had light use, as I live in an area where there is minimal access to walking/ hiking so the shoes have primarily been used for vacations. Exterior and soles are in excellent condition, however the interior black fabric has worn through at the back and side, exposing the material underneath. I've never had this issue in any type of sports related shoe before. For example, I play tennis twice a week, but despite heavy use, tennis shoes will wear on the exterior and soles before any interior wear. Very disppoiting, as I expect the interior materials will now start to rapidly deteriorate with the black fabric having worn through. Would not recommend these shoes due to this wear issue.

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walking/ light hiking

  • Stayed dry even when hiking in Scotland!
  • Par Anonymous
  • 2014-07-19
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I bought my MOAB's for use in Western Canada where generally I hike in fairly dry conditions so I was a little sceptical about the ability of the shoes to stay dry as I found myself climbing a couple of hills in Scotland recently with these on my feet...especially as we spent a lot of the time(over an hour) traversing across a very wet and boggy Scottish hill-side(the type of bog where you are not sure if your shoe will still be attached to your foot as you pull your leg forward with each step!). So...I was honestly quite impressed that my socks actually stayed dry in these conditions. So impressed, in fact, that I said to other members of the group that I would write Merrell about this(something I don;t normally do)! These are great hiking shoes..... in Canada or Scotland!

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  • You get what you pay for!
  • Par Anonyme
  • 2014-07-15
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I am an happy man with my Merrell!

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Everyday usage

  • Moab GoreTex is the best hiking shoes you can buy out there
  • Par Anonymous
  • 2014-06-03
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I bought my fourth one in 10 years and they are simply the best hiking shoes you can buy. GoreTex lining and Vibram soles make a big difference. Other waterproofing material is just not the same as GoreTex. I hope they don't discontinue this model.

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