Vibram® soles offer excellent grip on dry and wet ground, the wear resistance of Trek and Super Trek rubber and consistent performance in varied weather conditions.


GORE-TEX® fabric is the best assurance you can offer your customer that his or her boots will provide waterproof/breathable performance.



Friction in footwear leads to heat build up which leads to moisture, causing cold and blisters. Etc.® was developed in the lab and perfected in the field to create the lowest coefficient of friction in the market, which means less heat and moisture and more comfort. These linings hold their color, breathe, and are highly resistant to deterioration. And with integrated anti-microbial protection, bacteria are reduced by up to 99%.


While some anti-microbial treatments block odor, Aegis® takes a more aggressive approach, with an onslaught of polymer spikes that rupture the cell walls of odor-producing microbes that stops odor in its tracks. Unlike chemicals that can wear down or produce resistant super bacteria, Aegis® never wears out, won’t leech out despite repeated washings, and won’t harm the environment.



The fibers of Thinsulate™ Insulation are exceedingly fine, making them ideal for trapping insulating air and reflecting back the body’s radiant heat.


The Serdia™ lining material incorporates a light-activated formula to absorb and neutralize footwear odors. The material continues working to keep your shoes fresh.



OrthoLite® provides out-of-the-box comfort for longer than any footbed, thanks to a special open cell polyurethane that retains 95% of its cushioning after the first year, far exceeding the 30% offered by traditional EVA footbeds. The open cell structure also lets air pass through, which allows odor- and blister-causing moisture to evaporate. And as a finishing touch, an environmentally friendly biocide is added to combat microbes. OrthoLite® insoles are produced for us in single, dual, or triple density, and are also molded to QForm® specifications.


Where there’s skin, there’s sweat. And when sweat can’t evaporate, skin starts to feel incomfortable. The patented multi-zone lining system transports moisture away from the skin. The fabric layer closest to the skin is always dry, cool and comfortable. In addition, there is an antibacterial odor-fighting compound incorporated in the lining.



This light-activated lining is used in footbeds and the topsoles of shoes and land sandals to absorb and neutralize odor. It’s been formulated to outlast your shoes, and because its impact is enhanced by exposure to light, all you have to do is leave your shoes in a well-lit area after each use.


Polartec® insulation and lining wicks moisture away from the foot, dries quickly, breathes as body moisture vapour passes through and resists odor-causing bacteria with an antimicrobial finish.



Ultra-fine multi-diameter fibers are woven together through a proprietary process that aligns the material with the structure of the footwear, creating a cocoon that is torsionally strong yet highly resilient, keeping moisture and cold out while breathing with ease.