It’s a fact that women are anatomically and biomechanically different from men. Unfortunately, these differences are all-too-often ignored. Working with Sport Biomechanics, Inc., a leading sports medicine organization, we spent years studying how these differences contributed to discomfort and in some cases injury for women wearing “men’s” shoes. So we specifically engineered the midsoles in our women’s shoes to provide the proper support, cushioning, and corrective positioning women need to make possible a more balanced, natural stride that ensures longer-lasting comfort and reduced wear for each shoe.



While your insole is nearly invisible, few things play a greater role in the way a shoe performs. We design our insoles around the way a shoe will be used—stiffer soles provide the stability you need when carrying heavy loads through rocky, uneven terrain while lighter, more flexible insoles enhance your agility while speed hiking. By using different materials and configurations—like steel shanks of different lengths and thicknesses and tapered injected nylon—we can fine tune the flex of each insole so that it’s just right for its intended purpose. Use the Merrell Flex Index, shown with each shoe, as a guide.



Our patented midsole offers the best of both worlds—the cushioning you need for all-day comfort and the control you need for support in all kinds of terrain. They’ve been engineered so that each step provides the compression necessary to absorb up to four times the body’s weight, with a pronounced heel cup keeping the foot centered for greater stability.



From casual walking to extended backpacking over varied terrain, our new Spring Motion™ technology combats foot fatigue resulting from sustained impact and lack of support that can abuse feet over time. Using a lighter-weight and more durable polyurethane, we created a comfortable, enduring platform that integrates a floating shank into the midsole to deliver impact absorption, support and cushioning that won’t quit.



The last is more than the shape of a shoe, it’s the foundation upon which each design rests. And when it comes to last, one size definitely does not fit all. In fact, we’ve created a number of lasts based on all the things that you do—hiking, athletic pursuits, multi-sport and running, and sport sandals. We’ve even designed lasts just for women that account for the unique profile of their feet, their bone structures, and their strides.



Split™ technology diagonally joins dual density EVA underneath the heel to form a smooth, impact absorbing shock pod that discourages over-pronation. The denser, interior EVA wedge offers greater stability and rigidity for excessive medial movement and deflects force to the softer EVA in the lateral region of the shock pod – optimizing pronation control and alignment.



Trail Bound™ technology integrates an ultra-durable and supportive polyurethane heel into a Merrell hiking platform to optimally absorb trail impacts and protect feet while carrying a heavy pack. Trail Bound™ resists compression over time while remaining lightweight, for durable hiking support that lets you go further without consequences.