Good Reads & Links

  • Christopher McDougall
    In his international best seller, Born to Run, Christopher McDougall investigates Mexico's Tarahumara Indians to learn the secret behind their ability to run long...
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  • Dan Lieberman
    Dr. Daniel Lieberman, of Harvard University combines experimental biology and paleontology to discover why the human body looks and...
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  • Air Force Times
    Major Victor Palma explains the benefits he gets from running barefoot.
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  • CBS News
    Watch video about the National Barefoot Society and the growing popularity of barefoot running.
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  • Runners World
    Read about the reasons behind barefoot running's growing popularity.
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  • Time Magazine
    Author Bryan Walsh writes about his first time running barefoot.
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  • Running Times
    Learn about the latest research from top universities into the benefits of barefoot for your feet and legs.
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  • Barefoot Runners Society
    The Barefoot Runners Society unites barefoot runners around the world. Their 'stomp of approval' recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to promote...
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