Merrell's Top 10 Packing Tips

Holidays are just around the courner. But the looming task of packing can sometimes put a dampener on what should be a time of excitement.

Determined to shed the weight but all the while scared you’ll eliminate items you’ll be begging for later?

Fear no more, the Merrell team want you to enjoy your travels and not be stressing about the size and weight of your bag, so we’ve kindly put together a list of our top 10 packing tips!

Merrell’s Top 10 Packing Tips:

1. Pack your bag, unpack it and half it. You won’t need half of that stuff, it’s likely you’re just being over cautious. We always seem to come back from holiday with unworn clothes and unused toiletries, so think about what you really need and only take that.

2. Plan out your clothes carefully. Make sure you have the right clothing with you and that you can make a selection of outfits out of them. Does that top go with your trousers and your shorts? Yes? Great, get it in! Clothes that can be dressed up and down with the addition of some jewellery or a scarf are also a winner.

3. Roll up your clothes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much place this saves compared to folding. Don’t ask me how this works, but it does! This also reduces the amount of creases in your clothes.

4. Throw Out Packaging. You’ve probably brought yourself lots of medicines and drugs for the trip. Don’t keep these in their cardboard boxes, take them out and put them all in a bag. However, make sure they’re labelled and that you include the instructions.

5. Label Your Luggage Well. Make sure you have a luggage label on your backpack in case it’s lost in transit. It’s also worth putting a second copy of your name, address and contact details inside your bag as it’s not too difficult for luggage tags to get detached and lost.

6. Decant your liquids into smaller bottles. Unless you’re travelling for a few months, it’s unlikely that you’re going to polish off a whole bottle of shampoo etc. Grab yourself a couple of smaller travel sized toiletry bottles and decant enough of your shampoo, conditioner and body wash into these. Even if you are planning a longer trip, don’t take full-sized bottles. Remember that no matter where you’re going, at some point you’ll be able to pick up replacements.

7. What not to take. If you’re unsure about something, then the general rule is not to take it! So long as you’re not heading some remote spot hours away from a shop, it’s likely that you can pick up extra items while you’re away if they’re needed. This is more applicable for those inexpensive items such as Aloe Vera gel, extra sun cream and a hand-held fan. Items such as city maps can also be picked up locally from Hotels, Hostels & Tourist Information Centres

8. Leave the suitcase at home. If you’re planning some serious travelling and really are looking to get about and see lots of places, then don’t think about taking a suitcase. A suitcase is great if the only moving it’s going to be doing is from the airport to the hotel. However, it’s likely that you’ll have to jump on and off busses, get your bags up steps and even walk for a little while with them. Having a bag you can carry on your back makes all this a lot easier!

9. Secure your bag in a Secure Pack Bag. This is essentially a zip-up cover to pop your bag in while travelling, particularly on airlines or if you have to leave your bag in a hotel lobby. This helps to avoid anyone tampering with your luggage. Although this is incredibly unlikely, there have been plenty of scare stories where apparently innocent travellers have had items planted in their backpacks or had personal belongings stolen.
10. Leave some space free. Don’t go packing your bag to its brim! You’re going to find plenty of souvenirs and gifts you’re going to want to buy, but unless you have spare space in your backpack you won’t be able to bring them back.