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Happy 30th Birthday, Merrell!

This year, we’re proud to say that Merrell is turning 30.  We know that some people get a bit freaked out by milestone birthdays, but for us, we can’t be more excited!  You see, we think the fact that we’ve been kicking around (pun intended) for 30 years is something to be proud of.  Really proud, because it means that although we think we make great shoes and clothing, you do too. 

Throughout the year we’re going to be reminiscing about the last 30 years, talking about the things that really stand out to us as a brand and make us proud to be Merrell.  It’s going to be a great trip down memory lane.

People often ask us – “Where did Merrell start?”  The answer to that is that Merrell started with a cowboy in Utah.  We know, when you think of Merrell the first thing that comes to mind usually isn’t cowboy boots.  But that’s where we got our start.  A custom cowboy boot maker by the name of Randy Merrell decided to branch out and start making custom hiking boots. Using the same last and high quality of construction that he used for American cowboy boots, Randy started making custom hiking boots.  And word spread fast.  Randy’s original leather hiker was rated by Backpacker magazine as the most comfortable and most functional of all the tested boots sold in North America.

In 1981 Backpacker ran a feature on Randy called “Trade Secrets of the Bootmaster”.  The piece caught the eye of Clark Matis and John Schweizer who had just left the Rossignol Ski Company and were looking for a new adventure.  The three men started talking, and the Merrell Boot Company was born.

Thirty years later, we haven’t slowed down.  And while we’re always working on new great products to bring to the market, it’s fun to look back at all of the Merrell milestones.  Now that you know we’re thirty – how old are your oldest Merrells?  Better yet, dig them out and get outside and take a walk, that’s where they’re happiest.