Merrell and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie?  Here at Merrell it was never really a goal of ours, but through our great product we’ve ended up in a few and on some TV shows, too.  Bella Swan wears Siren Sports in the Twilight series and Bear Grylls has been known to wear Chameleons in his show Man vs. Wild.  Martha Stewart and Rebecca Gibney are fans and wear them on their shows regularly.  We just figure that those people all know great footwear and smile each time we see our stuff on the big and small screens.

So when Morgan Spurlock approached us about a new movie he was making and wanted us to be a part of it we thought, okay, this sounds interesting.  As you may know, Morgan Spurlock makes well known documentaries, like Super Size Me.  His newest project is a documentary called Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and it’s about the abundance of corporate sponsorship and advertising everywhere today.  After talking with him, we realized that he wanted to make a movie funded by brands that he respects and is a fan of, and could likely pull it off.  So we signed on, along with other brands such as Amy’s Kitchen, Jet Blue and Mini Cooper.  The movie is premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is in Australian cinemas this week.  Click here to watch the trailer (cause we think you'll want to see it too!) So, now we’re not only hikers, campers, runners, canoers, bikers and outsiders, we’re movie stars too!



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